Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Recreation Closures on The Malheur

Recreation Closures on The Malheur

Incident: South Fork Complex Wildfire
Released: 2 hrs. ago
Pacific Northwest Region - Malheur National Forest
431 Patterson Bridge Rd., John Day, OR 97845,
______________________________ ______________________________ _______
Ken Sandusky 541-575-3144 Aug. 6, 2014
Shilo Burton 541-575-3008

Recreation Closures on the Malheur
JOHN DAY, OREGON – Recreation closures are in effect for some areas of the Malheur National Forest due to local fire activity and other public safety concerns.
Oregon Mine Campground and Murderers Creek Guard Station Rental
Due to the South Fork Complex Fire Area Closure, Oregon Mine Campground and Murderers Creek Guard Station are closed for public safety. Both are within the closed area. The Murderers Creek Guard Station is approximately five miles northwest of the fire perimeter.
Updates to this closure area will be posted at incident/4042/.
Trout Farm Campground
The Bald Sisters Fire located 12 miles east of Prairie City, OR has required the closure of the Trout Farm Campground and some Forest roads due to utilization by fire crews.
Additional information on these fires, including links to these closure orders, is available at 3640/. To report a wildfire in the northern area of the forest, call 541-575-1321 – for the southern area, call 541-573-1000.
Lake Creek Trail
Though there are no current large fires in this area, the Lake Creek Trail on the south side of the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness will also be closed temporarily. The trail will be closed from the trailhead to its junction with the High Lake Rim Trail to protect public safety due to an abundance of hazard trees.
Many other recreational activities exist nearby. Please visit recmain/malheur/recreation or call 541-575-3000 for suggestions on great places to visit.

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