Tuesday, August 5, 2014

P.M. Update

Good evening, we had significant activity today, so we wanted to send an evening update...

--Local winds combined with heavy fuels and topography has produced increased fire activity today.  

--The Murderers Creek South Fire has reached Jackass Creek to the north and continues to produce active torching in the area.  Structure protection is in place at the Aldrich Lookout, including retardant drops to protect structures at the site in the event the fire reaches the area.

--The fire also crossed the 2490 Road today on the southeast side of the fire.  Firefighters are currently going direct with dozer line in the area.  This fire movement has forced firefighters to move their alternate containment line to the 213 Road near Blue Ridge in the event direct attack is ineffective.

--The National Planning Level remains at a 4; however, the Pacific Northwest is at a Planning Level 5 indicating the highest level of resources have been committed in the area.  Additional crews and air support have been ordered for the South Fork Complex which continues to compete with fires throughout the region for critical resources.

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