Monday, August 18, 2014

Fire Update 8/18/14

Crews began the burnout in the NE portion of the fire, tying fire lines to the Thorn Creek burn scar while helicopters assisted in strengthening and holding the containment lines at the old burn scar.
Crews continued to make good progress securing the fire perimeter and with repair activities.  Most of the repair work on handlines and dozer lines, on the west side of the South Fork River, are completed.
Last night, there were close to 800 lightning strikes in and around the fire from the thunderstorm.

Weather and Fire Behavior
The weather will continue to be warm with possible isolated thunderstorms.  Isolated torching and flare-ups are expected for today with the possibility of re-burn potential. 

Today’s Operations
 Today the highest priority will be initial attack suppressing any new fires that may start. Crews will continue to  perform burnout operations adding depth along the northeast flank.  Aerial resources    will continue to drop water into smokes and hotspots as needed.  Crews continue to secure the NW flank from Aldrich Mountain down into Oliver Creek.  There is still some heat near firelines in the area.  Around the rest of the fire, crews will continue to mop-up, patrol, and repair along the line.

Closures and Evacuations
The team is working hard to contain the fire and create a safe area for public entrance.  Fire managers understand the importance of restoring access into the closure areas and are working with agency representatives to be successful in that goal.
A Level 1 evacuation remains in effect for the area bounded by the 2150 road on the south, the 21 road on the east, Highway 26 on the north and on the west by a line running due north from the Aldrich Lookout to Highway 26.
A closure is in place on the Malheur National Forest and the Ochoco National Forest surrounding the fires. All roads and trails are closed within the closure area. Closure information is available online at

Maps and other information, are available online at 

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