Thursday, August 7, 2014

Buck Fork Fire grows on the southen end.

We had significant fire activity today.

Westerly winds combined with heavy fuels and topography has produced increased fire activity and moved the Buck Fork Fire north and east of the South Fork of the John Day River.  The fire spread further to the east across Deer Creek Flats and joined together with the Murderers Creek South Fire on its southern flank.  

Local terrain and winds then caused the fire to move in a southerly direction crossing Deer Creek Road 24 and progressing just south of Baldy Mountain.  Firefighters are now working to reestablish anchor points to build primary dozer containment lines on the southern perimeter.  

Dozer work and retardant were also utilized to strengthen (or reinforce) the 512 Road (west of the South Fork of the John Day River) in anticipation of pinching off the Buck Fork fire’s progression to the north.

Fire managers are also working with the Grant County Sheriff’s Department to identify threatened structures and any needed levels of evacuation. 

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