Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fire Update-8/17/14

Fire Update – 8/17/2014 9:00 a.m. PT

Crews continued to make progress securing lines, mopping-up, and patrolling along the fire perimeter.  Direct fire line and hoselays were put in on the northeast side of the fire to continue to help hold the line.
Helicopters supported the fire yesterday by continuing to drop water onto hot areas and pockets of smoke.

Weather and Fire Behavior
A warming and drying trend continues with no precipitation, in the fire area, expected for the next two days.  Isolated pockets of flare-ups, surface fire spread, and smoldering is predicted due to higher temperatures and lower relative humidity.

Today’s Operations
Today, crews plan on hand-igniting unburned fuel (burnout) along the 2150 road in the north part of the fire.  Ignition will take place along a ½ mile section of the road several hundred feet deep, toward the fire.  Smoke may be visible, due to the burnout and observable fire behavior.
A burnout is often conducted when the terrain is too dangerous to put firefighters directly against the fireline. Lines are constructed in safer areas and the fuel is burned out to stop the fire.
Crews will continue to work on the southeastern part of the fire, mopping-up and patrolling the area.  Crews will be supported by helicopter operations to aid in their efforts.
The northwestern portion of the fire will continue to be patrolled and managed by air.
       On the southwestern portion of the fire, fire fighters continue to mop-up and repair.

Closures and Evacuations
 A Level 1 evacuation remains in effect for the area bounded by the 2150 road on the south, the 21 road on the east, Highway 26 on the north and on the west by a line running due north from the Aldrich Lookout to Highway 26.
A closure is in place on the Malheur National Forest and the Ochoco National Forest surrounding the fires. All roads and trails are closed within the closure area. Closure information is available online at

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